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You and I both understand that a great cut and style in not achieved without professional styling products. From the shampoo all the way through the finishing hair spray you use professional products. So if you need them to give your clients those great looks, they need to be informed about what and why you used them. Not doing this is a disservice to your clients.
So you need to be informed (product knowledge classes) about the products and their benefits so as to explain what and why you are using them on client’s hair. If you are reluctant to do that them I ask you to consider not buying another styling product and use soap and water to cleanse the hair. I know you will think…no way. So why do you expect your clients to deal with their hair if you do not explain the correct products for them to use at home?
They may not buy everything you recommend but you know they are at least buying shampoo and conditioners somewhere. So start there and explain how they are PH balanced and are more cost effective per ounce that the big box brands. Liter sales are a good time to introduce your clients to a great shampoo and conditioner.
Start today and make a goal of selling at least one take home product a day for the next four weeks. Then in the following months up the amount until you are seeing at least a 15% average in retail sales to your service sales.
Your wallet will thank you for learning to do such great Customer Service. So will your client’s.
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Joan Sveda

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