Sochi and Finger Waves

Remember when you first had to learn finger waves in Beauty School? I do, because as a student with little experience in the fundamentals of design; one of my first thoughts on Finger Waves was thinking who would ever wear their hair like this?  I did find them interesting but was skeptical about how I would ever use them in everyday design work. Loving a challenge, I was delighted to find out there was going to be a Finger Wave Competition among our class. I took my manikin home and fussed with it for a week before I made the decision on how I wanted to do the style for the competition. I also purchased some white lace to place around my manikin’s neck as well as some very small baby breath to add just a touch of interest to the style. As it turned out I won that competition and I never forgot how beautiful those old fashioned styles could be. What you may ask has that got to do with the Winter Olympics in Sochi? Today as I was taking a lunch break the Dance Team Ice Skating Competition was on television. As I set and watch while eating my sandwich, who should take the ice but a beautiful Spanish skater named Sara Hurtado, sporting a very elegant Finger Wave Style. She and her partner Adria Diaz looked fabulous on the ice. Besides the great hair I loved the punch of color added with her red gloves and his red suspenders. They didn’t place in the top 10 for the short program but she placed number one on my list for great hair design. Hats off to her designer for making her look fabulous under the most rigorous conditions. Sochi and Finger Waves a winning combination.
Leave a comment about when you were first learning how to do Finger Waves or how you have incorporated them into your designs.

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