Continuing Education For Cosmetology

Renewing your cosmetology license shouldn’t be a pain-staking process, that’s why we’re here to help you.  Every cosmetologist is required to update their beauty license and keep up with the requirements; all of our online cosmetology courses are made to help you further your career as a cosmetologist, hair stylist, nail technician, and esthetician.  Continuing education for cosmetology shouldn’t be a hassle and shouldn’t hurt your wallet either.  We’ve also created a great referral program to help you save money too!  Check out how you can receive discounts and start saving money today.

All of our online classes have been created and developed by professionals and meet the states requirements for everyone who is looking for continuing education for cosmetology online.  CEU 24-7 has created a way for you to continue your education in cosmetology at your own speed, that way you don’t feel rushed and can complete each course at your own pace.  Our online courses are great for cosmetologists who are looking to renew their cosmetology license online.  CEU 24-7 has developed a system that brings you your classes’ right at your fingertips! 

CEU 24-7 is here for hair stylists, estheticians, and nail technicians who are looking in continuing education for cosmetology.  You’ll find all of our online courses trouble-free when you’re in need of classes that are quick, easy, and at your finger tips.  CEU 24-7 offers online courses for cosmetologists who want to update their cosmetology license and keep up with the newest trends in beauty.   Let us be your number one choice when you’re looking to update your beauty license! 

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