Radical Color Change 4HR Illinois Class

State: Illinois
Radical Color Change Illinois 4 Hour Class
Radical Color Change: A 4-hour Illinois Continuing Education class presented to you in 4 video segments. Each Segment will focus on the aspects of a radical color change we created for a client.  All Segments have downloadable pdf sheets available to download for you to take notes or for training other salon staff members. From your account window, visit our resources page for these forms.

Segment One
  • You will learn to communicate effectively using active listening principles and techniques.
  • You will learn about the science of hearing and listening to further develop your communication skills.
  • You will also learn to ask the right questions and communicate the right information, in order to have a phenomenal consultation.
  • Lastly. You will learn how to wrap up your consultation successfully and how to use your new-found consultation skills to succeed financially.
Segment Two
  • You will learn the color we selected and why we chose it.
  • You will learn how and why we chose the sectioning patters and application process.
  • We will transition to waxing services with a focus on Brows, because the third section is focused on makeup application for the eyes. We have resources called our “Eye Brow Hall of Shame” you can download for training purposes.
  • You will learn about the incredible amount of money that can be earned from waxing services for all clients.
  • You will learn how to successfully prepare and train employees in waxing services before you add or update these services to your menu.
Segment Three
  • You will learn how critical it is to always follow safety and sanitation rules in regards to your skin care and makeup products and tools.
  • You learn to understand the importance of eye makeup to the overall look to the face.
  • You will learn the history of the color wheel and its importance to  art  and makeup in particular.
  •  You will learn how to choose the primary, secondary, neutral and accent colors for eye makeup based on eye color and skin tone.
  • You will learn how to apply color to eyes that are not in proportion to the face with light or dark colors.
Segment Four
  • You will learn the style we chose was based on our consultation with the client and her stated desire to have a versatile cut. 
  • You will learn the steps in this highly texturized razor cut.
  • You will learn the importance of the applying the correct products and use of directional blow-drying used to achieve this great style.
  • You will view the beautiful finish with the color, makeup and cut and style.
  • Lastly we will recap the first 3 segments before you will go to the test and survey page to complete this class and receive your Certificate of Completion.