Skin Care

Customer Service & Product Knowledge

You and I both understand that a great cut and style in not achieved without professional styling products. From the shampoo all the way through the finishing hair spray you use professional products. So if you need them to give your clients those great looks, they need to be informed about what and why you used them. Not doing this is a disservice to your clients. So you need to be informed (product knowledge classes) about the products and their benefits so as to explain what and why you read more
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Winter Dry Skin Treatments

Have you had clients told you I feel like my skin is all going to flake off? I have applied every moisturizer on the store shelves and yet I am still flaking and my skin feels itchy and irritated. If so, it is time to introduce them to one of your Dry Skin Treatments and give them information they need to stop this onslaught to the largest organ of the body.   Winter is very hard on the skin because the cold air takes most of the moisture out of the air outside as well as in our homes. read more
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Did you do this?

It’s almost the end of January, how are you doing with your goals for this year? If you said I have them started but not completed, here is a simple sounding but thought provoking plan to get you where you need to be.This plan is called SMART and for good reasons here are the 5 things this plan represents. Are they Specific? When you want to achieve a goal you have to be very specific. Goals that are to broad or general will never be accomplished because they are very vague. For example I read more
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